Discover Racing Parent and Guardian’s Week

Discover Racing Parent and Guardian’s week is the second step of a Future Fan Pathway. Racing to School does the most phenomenal job putting the sport of racing in front of over 15,000 thousand school children every year. But there is no current pathway to further engage them in our sport. By delivering an educational group of interactive race meetings through the summer holidays, we can invite those children to bring their parents or guardians to experience the same behind the scenes view of our sport.

The race meetings are aimed to engage new families to come and see that horse racing is a fantastic option for a day out and also showcase horseracing as a career option for their children.

Families will get free entry to the course and will be given a VIP tour of the racecourse.  Going to the weighing room, the start line, walking the course, the pre-parade and the parade ring, the judges box, the commentators box.  All the places on the course that are normally only accessible to those lucky enough to work in horseracing!  We will have guides on course throughout the day to answer any questions and help explain anything that guests may not understand.  We will have a compere on the day explaining what to look for in the paddock, why some horses are front runners, how to read the racecard.  All the information that you could possibly need to come back racing feeling ‘in the know’! There will be opportunities to meet a jockey and a trainer, ride a mechanical horse and see if you have what it takes to be the next Champion jockey!

Outputs and outcomes to be achieved