Non-Yard Based Apprenticeships

The long-term plan for this project is to deliver a wider apprenticeship program that will give young people more entry-level job opportunities, deliver a better recruitment return on investment for employers, lower staff turnover levels and broaden the talent pool for racing’s employers.

Phase 1

The Racing Foundation commissioned a survey across the industry to determine the best way to help shape future employment pathways in roles such as business management, marketing, human resources, and sports turf management for young people interested in working in racing. The results of the survey showed that there was an appetite to scale up apprentices in the sport in non-yard-based roles, there was also limited knowledge of the levy share scheme amongst businesses in the industry.

In addition to offering a vital pathway into the world of work for young people, apprentices can also help organisations achieve their strategic goals. Apprenticeship schemes are particularly good for getting the best and brightest young talent into the workforce, which is vital for succession planning. It is great to see that while workforce planning, more and more employers are starting to turn to apprentices to provide the skills that they need in the present, as well as five to ten years down the line.
Organisations are also increasingly recognising the value of using high-level apprenticeship schemes to upskill their existing staff; 44% of apprenticeships started in 2018/19 were at an advanced level 3. This is a great way for employers to invest in their people and retain their services, demonstrating the valuable role apprenticeships can play in developing staff at all stages of their career, as well as those entering the world of work for the first time. According to the Government.

Phase 2

Following the results of the research, Apiafi Associates were funded by the Racing Foundation to bring a pilot non-yard-based apprenticeship to fruition. Apiafi Associates instigated discussions with training providers, to determine who had the experience and desire to help us achieve the first non-yard-based apprenticeship for the sport.  Following a consultation process, Haddon Training was identified as the best partner to launch the first apprenticeship. Working with Gill Greaves and Zoe Elliott at the BHA, the team established an industry-wide HR network to look at the training provision which would include a bolt-on of racing-related topics. This enabled Haddon to quickly develop the first Business Administration for Horseracing apprenticeship.

On 9th June 2022 the apprenticeship was launched via the BHA, to racing employers. 

If you would like to do an apprenticeship these will be advertised on the Careers in Racing website. More information on them can be found here


Phase 3

Apiafi Associates and Haddon Training will work to get employers to sign up to have Business Administration for the Horseracing Industry apprentices to start the first cohort in September.

Careers in Racing and the supporters of Apiafi Associates will promote these opportunities to young people interested in a career in the sport.